14/02/2012 08:50 GMT | Updated 14/02/2012 08:54 GMT

Balloon Art: Larry Moss' 'Airigami'

For many of us the word balloon conjures up images of clowns, inflatable poodles and children’s parties, not Da Vinci, Warhol and Pollock.

But all that could be about to change thanks to self-proclaimed "airigamist" Larry Moss.

Feeling a little deflated as people struggled to take his work seriously, the New York based artist set about recreating iconic pieces such as the Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man to prove his worth.

“My medium is sometimes viewed as a child’s toy, and many people have told me that what I do is like art.

“I decided to recreate the works of the great masters in order to gently challenge preconceived notions of what art is”, he explains.

So we can banish those memories of big red shoes, terrifying face paint and water squirting flowers, and make way for airigami “the fine art of folding air”.

Or can we? Moss' work can be found on his site and has been exhibited in 12 countries, but it's also featured in Artist Eyes, a children’s picture book designed to inspire their ideas and imagination.

Not to burst the airigamist’s bubble, but it seems we can’t sever the link between balloons and children just yet...