Body Armour CEO Shot In Chest To Prove New Bullet Proof Vest Works (Video)

WATCH: Body Armour CEO Shot In Chest To Prove Bullet Proof Vest Works

The chief executive of a body armour company ordered himself to be shot in the chest on camera to test a new product.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Body Armour, decided to film the demonstration to show how quickly it was possible to recover after being shot.

In the clip Kaiser can be seen steadying himself while wearing a bulletproof vest, and then ordering the Glock 19 handgun to be fired into his chest at a range of nine feet.

The shot rocks Kaiser back on the balls of his feet, and he doubles over in pain. But he recovers quickly and is able to continue presenting the video.

"In the world of executive protection it is of great importance to see how quickly you could become fully operational again after being shot from close range”, Kaiser says after taking the shot.

“I have seen many body armour companies making astonishing claims, so I decided to offer real physical evidence using live ammunition” he said.

Kaiser and PPSS say the video was made not to produce "a tough guy image" but as an education to prospective clients.

Nurses and paramedics were present when the shot was taken.

PPSS says its new body armour offers concealable, waterproof and breathable protection to officials and security professionals.


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