14/02/2012 08:01 GMT | Updated 14/02/2012 08:16 GMT

Bamboo-Chomping Panda Bear Tells Friend To 'Talk To The Hand' (VIDEO)

Meet Shenbing and Yaoman, two pandas currently being looked after by Explore.Org over in China.

At the beginning on this video, Yaoman is on the right and Shenbing is on the left. Swiftly, Shenbing finishes off her bamboo and starts looking jealously at Yaoman's remaining chunk of sweet, sweet bamboo.

Within seconds, a hungry Shenbing is pawing and clawing at her friend to grab her bamboo, with Yaoman eventually raising a paw in defiance as if to say, 'Talk to the hand, Shenbing, talk to the hand.'

But despite being rejected, Shenbing doesn't take no for an answer, finally plucking the chunk of bamboo out of Yaoman's paws and snaffling it into his mouth.

It's enough to make you well up and cry with all the cute going on - something that our cute pandas video gallery here below is not going to help with at all. Not. At. All.