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Cancer Mum Dies 36 Hours After Seeing Her Daughter Get Married

Cancer mum dies 36 hours after seeing her daughter get married Cascade

A mum who battled cancer for two years died just 36 hours after watching her daughter get married.

Now newlywed Jamie-Lee Hopwood is going to bring up her younger brother and sister with her new husband Harry.

Jamie-Lee and Harry planned to marry later this year, but moved the wedding forward and arranged it in just a week so Jamie-Lee's mum Linda Brace could be there.

Linda's condition had dramatically worsened but she clung on to life to see her daughter get married.

Sadly, the 45-year-old mum-of-three passed away at St Luke's Hospice in Basildon, Essex, just 36 hours later.

Jamie-Lee, 21, told the Daily Mail: "I miss my mum so much but I know how proud she was to be at our wedding.

"She was so strong and now she can rest and stop fighting. The whole family is proud of the way mum fought right until the end and she hung on to see us get married.

"She looked absolutely gorgeous at the wedding and I'm so happy she shared our big day with us, she made it perfect, it was special, just like her. I am so thankful and lucky that she was my mum."

Linda was not well enough to attend Brentwood Register Office for the civil ceremony, but she witnessed the couple's emotional blessing held at the hospice where she had been staying since Christmas.

Linda was surrounded by her children, including Ben, 12, and Lauren, 11, and family and friends when she died at 5.30am on Monday.

Jamie-Lee and Harry, 26, will now bring up Ben and Lauren, on Linda's behalf.


Harry and I will give Ben and Lauren the best upbringing and the life she would have wanted them to have


Two years ago, Linda noticed a mole on her leg had changed colour and shape so she immediately went to the doctor.

She was told it was melanoma and had it removed. With regular checks, everything seemed fine until last year, when she found a lump in her groin area and discovered the cancer had moved to her lymph nodes.

Linda has a major operation in November last year to have the cancer removed, but a few weeks later, doctors discovered a large tumour in her stomach and decided it was too dangerous to operate.

What a sad story. We wish Jamie-Lee and Harry all the happiness in the world.

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