Gay Thai Couple Break Guinness World Record For Longest Continuous Kiss (VIDEO)

Take a bow, Nontawat Jaroengsornsinpose and Thanakorn Sittiamthong - not only do you have some of the most incredible names in the entire universe, but you're also the Guinness World Record holders for the longest continuous kiss ever.

We're not sure what's more impressive, their names or their feat - probably their feat, to be honest. Could you kiss another human being for 50 hours, 25 minutes and 1 second straight, after all? That's what we thought.

Beating six other heterosexual couples at a specially-organised event down on Pattaya beach in southeastern Thailand, the two day-long super smooch beating the previous holders by a good four hours.

But of course they weren't doing it just for the fame and the love of it - there was also a prize in the offing. Namely a $3,300 diamond wedding ring and a $6,600 hotel voucher. Not bad for two days' kissing, right?

Taking a look at the video footage above, the real trick seems to be staving off boredom and finding somewhere to rest your gaze. Just shutting your eyes and having a little nap doesn't cut it, apparently...