Legless Breakdancer Vinod Thakur Is Almost Certainly Better At Dancing Than You (VIDEO)

WATCH: Legless Breakdancer Wows Crowds

Vinod Thakur was born without any legs - but that wasn't going to stop him from becoming seriously good at breakdancing.

The 22-year-old mobile phone repairman was inspired to get on the dancefloor after seeing others do the same on the internet.

Now he's appeared on India's Got Talent and continues to wow crowds in his hometown of Delhi, working the crowd and performing with back-up dancers.

If you want to find out more about Mr. Thakur, check out his Facebook page, which highlights all of his day-to-day hip-hop goings-on with pictures and videos and whatnot.

Above is a new interview with the hard-working move-buster, and below is his performance on India's Got Talent - which, unfortunately, he didn't win. Terrible, really... what's a man got to do to impress anyone any more? Hit themselves repeatedly and walk over beds of nails? Oh, wait...


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