15/02/2012 10:51 GMT | Updated 15/02/2012 10:53 GMT

Daddy Daycare, Roger And Val, Versailles: Tonight's TV Pick Preview

Daddy Daycare - 8.00pm, Channel 4

Channel 4 rolls out its latest observational documentary tonight, highlighting the plight of nine hopeless and/or unwilling dads who agree to work in nurseries for one week.

In a sort of social experiment, the men - who admittedly have very little childcare experience - take on the generalisations of the nursery workers, such as: "Guys have no instinct whatsoever when it comes to children."

There's nappy changing lessons aplenty, and undoubtedly some tantrums - from the toddlers and dads alike - but things are learnt about the differences between male and female approaches to childcare.

The first episode stars three participants at a south London nursery - workaholic Garry, ex-military man Stefan, and reluctant father-of-one Jay.

Versailles - 9.00pm, BBC2

Historians line up in this engaging docudrama to say what a nice man Louis XVI was, in the final part of the story of France's doomed aristocracy.

As starvation plagued the French population, the aristocracy became increasingly unpopular. The King had the same problem as leaders everywhere: how do you tax the rich without losing their favour?

Roger And Val - 10.00pm, BBC2

In tonight's episode of this dark comedy, starring Dawn French and Alfred Molina, Roger is racked with nerves as he prepares for his unfair dismissal tribunal. Val offers support by way of a good luck charm for him: a little wind-up toy of a swimming man, and their absurd, but hilarious, married-couple rambling conversations continue.

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