16/02/2012 06:22 GMT

Armed Robber Tries To Hold Up Rotterdam Pub, Gets Ignored (VIDEO)

The 't Haalve Maatje pub on Kleiweg road in Rotterdam looks like a typical Dutch pub - but it turns out its regulars are hard as nails.

How do we know? Well, thanks to a generous YouTuber called jemp0l, who translated a brief news report from local TV, it seems they're not scared of anything. Not even armed robbers.

As you'll see from the subtitled footage above, a robber wandered into the pub in question, waved a pistol around, and discovered that no-one seemed to pay him much attention at all.

Presuming it was some sort of wind-up, one punter even walked past him, tapped him on the shoulder as a gag, then went back to the bar.

After he attempted to get some cash out the register, then tried to nab the landlord's cigarettes, the assembled drinkers finally twigged what was going on and began chasing him out the pub.

Two kilometres later and a dozen or so pub-goers had caught him, led by a marathon-running member of their party. You almost feel sorry for the guy, don't you?

Of course this beautiful little clip is the latest in a long, long line of very stupid criminal cock-ups, and to celebrate that tradition, here are some of our favourites for you below.