16/02/2012 15:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Woman Fell Pregnant By 'Mr Perfect' Who Duped Her Into Giving Baby To Him And His Wife

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A woman claims she was seduced into having a baby with a "Mr Perfect" – who then duped her into signing the child over to him...and his wife.

Kristy Gaffney said she could not believe her luck when she met a man called 'Ed' on an online dating site.

He was apparently well-connected, wealthy and intelligent.

And so just months later, Kristy, 29, from Philadelphia, began talking about getting married.

'Ed' had told her he was part of a wealthy American family called DuPont, that he was divorced and worked for the C.I.A.

"I thought he was Mr. Perfect," Kristy told the TV news channel NBC10. "There's no words for it. I'm just so angry at him."

Kirsty said she was at first reluctant to take the relationship seriously, but eventually agreed to meet him in a public place.

But the dinner at a restaurant led to many more dates, in which Kristy discovered Ed's "connections".

The couple began talking about marriage and having children. Ed told Kristy his former wife had been unable to get pregnant.

Kristy became pregnant soon after. She said that Ed at first demanded she have an abortion before changing his mind.

With his name not on the birth certificate after the baby was born, he asked Kristy to sign some paperwork allowing him to claim his right as the baby's father.

She has since admitted she did not understand the papers, but signed them anyway. The couple, who were living apart but planned to move in together, shared caring for the baby.

"That's when he told me that the paperwork I actually signed was me giving up the rights, not to him to have his rights.

"It was me giving up my rights so his wife could adopt my baby, and I said, 'Are you kidding me?'"

He told Kristy he was actually called Emmitt Dippold, still married and in the process of adopting the baby - with his wife.

"I couldn't even believe that someone was capable of something like that," Kirsty said.

She took Dippold and his wife to court and the adoption was overturned based on fraud. But in court documents, he denied he had claimed he was a Dupont.

He said Kristy may have thought he was as his email reads 'ew-dupont'. He also said he never wanted her to get an abortion and denied talk about marriage.

Dippold added that Kristy should have known he was married as there were pictures of him and his wife dotted around his home. He and his wife have now filed an appeal.

What a strange story.