17/02/2012 10:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

England Football Strip Binned After Just Eight Matches: Will You Buy Your Child A New Kit For £70?

England football strip binned after just eight matches: Will you buy your child a new kit for £70?

The England football team is getting a brand new strip, just eight matches after the last one was launched.

The announcement that the kit is being redesigned - after the least amount of games ever - has reignited the row over the cost of buying football strips to support teams.

The new kit, which will be unveiled for the friendly against Holland on February 29, will cost around £89 for adult fans, and a whopping £70 for a child's kit.

While an FA spokesman claims money generated from the sale of official England merchandise is reinvested into the game, the news is not going down well with football fans, or their families.

"This is an outrageously cynical way to treat England's young followers," says Parentdish editor, and mum of three, Tamsin Kelly.

"Parents who've forked out nearly £70 for a kit for their football loving child only to see it dumped after just eight matches are fuming - and rightly so.

"There's so much talk about encouraging our children to play more active sport and get more involved in team games, but it seems that commercialism wins out in the end."

The current design was first worn against Bulgaria in September 2010, and was worn for the last time at Wembley in November.

Strip manufacturers Umbro said: "The new kit is launched at the end of an 18-month cycle which the last few kits have all run for. The number of games for which the kit is worn is entirely down to the fixture list during the cycle."

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