20/02/2012 05:53 GMT | Updated 21/04/2012 06:12 BST

Your Answers: Which Novel's Ending Would You Change?

Last week, we asked you which novel's ending you'd change.

Your answers were a mixture of classic novels and modern fiction, but what united all responses was that particular vitriol that springs from investing hours into reading a book only to feel cheated or let down by the final page.

User Third-World-Man was unforgiving in their appraisal of Margaret Mitchell romantic classic Gone With The Wind, saying: "I would have Rhett Butler punch Scarlett in the face and then walk away, simply because she deserved it."

TeeLolly wasn't impressed with the conclusion to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. "I would have one of the clones escape the "donations­," and do something using his or her talents or ingenuity that benefits many more people than would have benefited from the clone's organs" was their thoughtful suggestion.

Millions of JRR Tolkien fans will be aghast to hear HisScaliness alternative ending to Lord of the Rings: "I would have had the irritating Frodo eaten by Shelob."

Many people also had their say on Twitter:

danhowarth sounds like he may have had a glass of scotch or two before his suggested amendment to Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting: "Renton shouldn't have even got as far as the B&B door without Begbie glassing him, never mind going scot-free, the dirty double-cro­sser..."

...not that his suggestion went unanswered. west lothian questioner shot back with: "Rents did exactly what anybody in his position would have done and Begbie, for all the bluster, was never even close to being half as smart as the Rentboy. I could see Sickboy trying the same thing and getting a doin' from the Beggar though."

Last but not least, the ending to 2011's best selling book One Day divided opinion.

RedHeadFashion said: "I would have had Dexter cheat on Emma. Given that the rest of the love story was relatively unconventi­onal, seeing the two of them drift apart again, potentiall­y ending in one of them leaving, in their middle age, would have been far braver of the author."

"Hate to be the controvers­ial voice, but I would definitely keep One Day as it was. I hated the book, but the death was very well written and the ending was superb. The only bit of the book I liked." insisted JGOBunting.

Any to add?