20/02/2012 16:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Firefighters Rescue Toddler From Inside Toy Machine

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A two-year-old girl had to be rescued by firefighters after climbing inside a toy machine.

Inquisitive Kaytlyn Campbell climbed inside the game's eight inch opening to play with the toys, but got herself well and truly stuck.

The emergency services were called to Commonwealth Coin Laundry in the States to rescue the little lady, and used a saw to cut into the machine's lock to get her out.

Little Kaytlyn seemed confused by the pickle she had got herself into, going from happy and relaxed to distressed and teary during the rescue.

"She was fine up until the point we started running the saw, which was only 10 or 12 seconds," Ed Davis from the Lexington Fire Department told ABC News. "Something about that loud noise and the vibration, it made her start to cry."

Kaytlyn was reunited with her grandmother after her dramatic rescue, and the lucky girl got to keep two of the stuffed animals she was so desperate to get her hands on.

Kaytlyn isn't the first troublesome toddler to get stuck in a toy machine. Last year a little boy in Australia had the same problem, while three-year-old Karime Nasser made us smile when he got his head stuck between school railings!

Toddlers, don't you just love 'em...