20/02/2012 11:44 GMT | Updated 20/02/2012 12:25 GMT

Minnie Driver Finally Reveals Identity Of Son's Father

After three years, Minnie Driver has finally revealed the father of her son Henry.

The actress - who has kept his identity shrouded in mystery - has admitted he was a writer on her former TV show The Riches.

She revealed she thought it was time to shed light on her son's paternity as she "doesn't need to protect him [the father] anymore".

"He can fend for himself. He's a grown-up," she told The Observer magazine.

"We weren't together and he wasn't directly in the business so I chose to protect him and not have a rain of publicity. He's not famous. There's no big story."

Before she had Henry, Minnie had said the father would be there for him, telling People magazine: "He's going to be a dad so yeah he's going to be there for the kid.

"I'm not getting married to this person and I don't know what's going to happen but everyone is cool about the situation."

However, it seems Herny's father - who Minnie still refused to name outright - was not as involved in his life as she originally thought he might be.

"Is he a good dad? Sort of. He's figuring it out... I mean, he hasn't been that involved, his choice. But he is now," she told The Observer.

The Emmy Award-winning actress recently revealed how the pressures of fame caused her to go off the rails and drop to just seven stone.

She told Stylist magazine: "I definitely went a bit bonkers in my early 20s, when I got famous quite quickly. Bonkers in a way where I didn't eat enough, I drank too much coffee, smoked too many cigarettes, cried a lot and was very emotional.

"My sister showed up one day and said, "I don't recognise you. You weigh seven stone and you're behaving like an idiot."


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