'Dancing On Ice': Heidi Range 'Felt Singled Out' By Judge Katarina Witt

Heidi Range has torn into Dancing On Ice judge Katarina Witt and claimed she was victimised during her time on the show.

Sugababes singer Heidi was booted off the television skating contest on Sunday night after she came bottom out of all the celebrities with a score of just 17.5.

Katarina declared the pop star relied on skating partner Andrei Lipanov to pull her into lifts, and said on the show: "I hope you don't take it personally - you can move your hips and you're a great dancer but your feet are not moving with you.

"Your step sequence was very slow and you are preying on the strength of Andrei and that he's able to do all those great lifts with you."

But the 28 year old has hit back, insisting her efforts went unnoticed compared to the other girls.

Speaking to The Sun, Heidi admits she took Katarina's cutting comments personally every week.

"But with mine she seemed to dismiss how much effort I put into them. You have to go for it and hold yourself in there and it is terrifying. It was never said to any of the other girls.

"I took it personally because it was a point she made every week."

When asked why she thought she was victimised, Heidi responded: "I don't know. If it was said to all the other girls, OK, but it wasn't and when they did a lift they were praised for it.

"They are really tough the lifts, they are something the audience are waiting for, that is part of the show.

"Your skating is important but for the audience at home, they want to see the big lifts."

Despite feeling picked on during her time on the show, Heidi still enjoyed her experience.

She adds: "I'd have loved to have stayed for two more months. I will miss the people. It's fun and you're challenged and then you achieve things and it's a really special experience."