21/02/2012 10:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Unexpected And The Abstract Collide At Acne For Autumn

WHO: Acne

Acne Autumn/Winter 2012. Photo: Getty

A model walks during the Acne Autumn/Winter 2012 show. Photo:Getty A model walks during the Acne Autumn/Winter 2012 show. Photo:Getty

IN A NUTSHELL: Inspired by the depiction of "the Body in Art", the Autumn/Winter collection from Acne played around with shape, volume and silhouette. Oversized, otherwise cumbersome coats were grabbed in at the waist with fierce, restrictive belts to create exaggerated contours, while the neck was kept high and extended with metal-look collars. A further nod to the human body was seen in the nude and fleshy pink colour palette, mixed in with eye-popping brights and more mellow maroons, blacks and greys.

BEG, BORROW OR STEAL: While we're not quite brave enough to try one of the severe cuff necklaces, we'd definitely give the wide high-shine belts a whirl - over everything from jumpers, to dresses, to coats. There were also some standardly covetable leather dresses that caught our eye: the maroon asymmetric number with flesh sleeves would make a welcome addition to our wardrobe. We're also now feeling the need for some acid bright outerwear (namely in orange or lime.)

F-ROW: Florence Welch and a ton of cool kids.

VERDICT: Technical, interesting and certainly unusual, the Acne collection might not look instantly wearable - but there were definitely elements which could be separated out from each look which will be a big hit in the more commercial market. But then again, this is Acne. Who cares about being commercial? Florence and co will no doubt love it. The overall effect was both clever and memorable - something which all shows aim for, but don't necessarily succeed in achieving.

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