21/02/2012 12:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Was This The Most Controversial Dress At Fashion Week?

Sadie Frost's 11-year-old daughter Iris caused something of a kerfuffle when she wore a Love Hearts-esque print dress containing some rather colourful sentiments to the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show during London Fashion Week.

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At this point we should say that if you're easily offended by swear words printed on fabric we advise you head over to our cute animals gallery rather than keep reading.

Still with us?


The printed sweets shunned the traditional lovey-dovey messages in favour of phrases like "Blow Me", "Please Drown" and "Eat Sh*t" as well as the slightly tamer "Dream On" and "Keep Away".

Sadie Frost took to Twitter to explain that the dress had been given to her daughter as a gift and that she would be hiding it until Iris was older:

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Some thoughts:

1. We do feel for Sadie - the only reason we noticed the particulars of the design was because we were sent packets of Love Hearts recently for the Lady and the Tramp DVD launch and the slogans on the sweets seem to have got more and more bonkers. We zoomed in on Iris's dress to see if there were any more outlandish ones. "Surprised" doesn't even begin to cover it.

2. One of the big themes of the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show was actually 'rebellious schoolgirl' so part of us is thinking that this was marvellously serendipitous (but obviously not the 'responsible adult' side of us).

3. We're interested to know who made a cute fits-an-11-year-old dress and then puts phrases like "Blow Me" all over it. (Edited to add: Thanks commenters - the dress is Hate Hearts by Drop Dead Clothing we couldn't find the exact dress on the site but similar styles are sized S, M, L etc and not in the age bracket sizes you get for kids clothing)

4. We're now wondering how many items of clothing we own that have messages we never took any notice of before!

5. We wouldn't like to be the friend who gifted the dress to Iris at this particular moment...