Mark Grist Rapping In Class: The Best And Worst Of Teacher Raps (VIDEO)

WATCH: English Teacher Rapping In Class

Ex-English teacher Mark Grist rocketed to fame after his rap battle with teeny bopper "MC Blizzard".

Grist limited his use of obscenities and maximised his vocabulary, wiping the floor with his swearing, pint-sized opponent.

Grist is one half of Dead Poets, a Peterborough based group who fuse hip hop with poetry. He and collaborator MC Mixy have toured the UK, played at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and done much outreach work with schools.

And now SWNS have released a new video of Grist waxing lyrical in the classroom.

But it's not unusual for teachers to flip the table and take on a younger "street" persona. So we put together a slideshow of the best (and worst) attempts at teachers rapping.


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