22/02/2012 09:27 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Holly Fulton Girls Have Got Their Eye On The Gardener...

WHO? Holly Fulton

A model walks during the Holly Fulton Autumn/Winter 2012 collection A model walks during the Holly Fulton Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Photo:Getty

IN A NUTSHELL: It was getting a bit hot under the collar for Holly Fulton's Autumn/Winter woman, who was channeling a little bit of Lady Chatterley: "Forget the Lord of the Manor, she's had her eye on the gardener for years," explained the show notes. With dishevelled updos and come-to-bed eyes, the clothes were a reflection of 'frivolous behaviour' and 'steamy hedonism'. Ooh-err. Translation? Think Holly's signature geometric patterns in a restricted colour palette based around neon pink and aqua blue (we like to think of it as the girl-boy variation), in a series of 60s mini-shifts, printed two-piece suits and pencil skirts - with OTT handbags, oversized earrings and classic black patent heels.

BEG, BORROW OR STEAL: Several of the 60s-inspired mini dresses were the definition of disco pieces, the kind worn by the girl who's first to hit the dancefloor and last to leave. We also loved the final look (pictured above): a super-slim print pencil skirt with squared shredded hemline, combined with a structured silver metallic top.

VERDICT: While it didn't quite trump last season's beside-the-seaside collection, it was another strong, confident show from Ms Fulton, which didn't stray too far from her signature print-focused aesthetic. Like all her designs, it'll be another opinion divider: some will love her bold, brave creations, while others couldn't ever imagine themselves wearing something so brash. But hey, as she says herself in the show notes, she's never been "one for the shy and retiring."

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