Celebrity Big Brother's Georgia Salpa Tweets Saucy Snap After Night At Brit Awards

She's Sexy And She Knows It

OK Georgia, we get it - your 15 minutes are nearly up and you're clinging on to the edge of celebsville by your fake fingernails, so the only thing to do to remind people who you are is to post a saucy snap of yourself on the internet.

The glamour model sent out the pic of her wearing some skimpy underwear during a photo shoot, looking fresh-faced despite a heavy night of partying the night before.

She had been living it up at the Brits after show parties, but she clearly didn't take full advantage of the free booze on offer.

As she tweeted the provocative pic, she wrote: "Sneak peak shoot, thank god didn't get too drunk last night... Getting hair n make up done."

With pictures like this, she's likely to attract the boyfriend she's currently after.

She recently spoke of how she's fed up of not having a bloke in her column in the Daily Star.

"Since I left Big Brother I've been chatted up by a couple of famous lads - and I need to go on a date now," she said.

"I've been single for far too long and there's a few guys after me."

Peter Andre had previously admitted he was a fan of the Irish model.

Writing in his new! magazine column, he said how keen he was to meet her after her Celebrity Big Brother appearance.

“I must admit Georgia Salpa really stood out - she's very cute indeed!

"She seems like a really sweet girl and is stunning. It would be really nice to meet her."


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