23/02/2012 14:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Helena Bonham Carter Collects CBE In Tartan Two-Piece

Continuing where Nicola Roberts left off, Helena Bonham Carter wore a top-to-toe tartan outfit as she visited Buckingham Palace to collect her CBE from the Queen.

Helena Bonham Carter collects CBE in tartan two-piece Photo: PA

A few things:

1. Hooray for Helena Bonham Carter. This SHOULD go without saying but we wanted to make sure.

2. Helena is all tartan glam and hat and hair. The Queen is ever so slightly more on the "Just nipping to the kitchen to put the kettle on and find my bifocals before Countdown starts" end of the spectrum. I mean she does this sort of ceremony multiple times a year but would it be too much to ask for a platform heel or a colour pop scarf or a jazzy brooch from the monarch? Maybe Helena could have lent her the hat.

3. Do you reckon it was in any way confusing or awkward that Helena played the Queen's actual mother in The King's Speech?

We imagine that Helena could have called the Queen "Ma'am" and the Queen could have called Helena "mum". And then Helena would have told the Queen her skirt was too short and there was no way she was leaving the palace dressed like that, and the Queen would be all "I DIDN'T ASK TO BE BORN" and Helena would send her to one of her many many rooms.

Later on the footman in the background would tell the Queen that Helena was only looking out for her best interests and that her fashion advice came from a place of love. And then he would remind Helena (who would be taking a cup of tea in the drawing room and looking tired) that she was young once.

Then Helena would go to the Queen's bedroom (although there would be an amusing piece at this point where she couldn't remember which of the many rooms it actually was and ended up on a broom cupboard) and hug the Queen and tell her about the time she wore mismatched shoes to a public event and made quite the spectacle of herself. Then the Queen would wipe her eyes and smile.


Helena Bonham Carter collects CBE in tartan two-piece Photo: Getty

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