23/02/2012 08:17 GMT

James Corden: 'Cutting Adele Short Was Surreal'

James Corden was devastated following the "surreal moment" in which he was forced to cut short Adele's acceptance speech at the Brit Awards.

James was hosting the event on Tuesday night when TV bosses insisted he stopped the triumphant singer partway through her acceptance speech for Best British Album, causing her to flip her middle finger to broadcasting execs.

Talking about the incident on BBC Radio 5Live, James said: "The truth is, just after Adele was saying thank you, people were saying, 'You have to go in now', and I said, 'I can't'. They were like, 'You have to'.

"I said, 'How can we cut her off?' The whole room was on their feet and they were like, 'You have to do it'. It was such a surreal moment and essentially you can hear five people in your ear having an argument.

"Then there was just one overriding voice saying that you have to."

And the star, who is rumoured to be hosting the awards show again next year, put the difficult situation down to experience, claiming he will learn from it for the future.

He added: "It's a shame, but it's a live show and what can you do? All you can do is learn from it and the channel will learn from it and we can see how we can rectify that and change it next year."

Talking about the immediate moments following the incident, James admitted he was upset and if he was in charge would have played it differently.

He said: "I was so upset last night and I know Adele was and I couldn't even stay and watch Blur. I immediately went and spoke to her.

"I just said to her that I was so sorry and that if I had it my way, you just push the news (back) a minute and a half. If it was up to me or the executive producer of the show, then that's what would have happened."

ITV have since apologised to Adele for any upset caused saying they don't want to "undermine her incredible achievement".


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