Scottish Fold Cat Demands Petting (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cat Insists On Being Petted

Scottish Fold cats are cute enough just walking around doing their Scottish Fold cat thing, but when this one wants to be petted - seriously wants to be petted, in fact - the adorability levels go off the charts.

Posted by YouTuber 'Mynameisavals', it's unclear whether it's their actual video, but one thing's for sure: it's cute. Super cute. Mega cute, even.

Pawing at her owner into patting her on the head, the feline manipulator even pulls the Puss in Boots from Shrek massive-eyes thing, tapping her master's forearm like she's a dog begging for scraps at the table.

Just to remind you just how sweet Puss is when he does that trick in the movies, here it is for you once more.

Plus, while we're on the topic of how cute Scottish Fold cats are, here's a little YouTube gallery of the internet's finest Scottish Fold felines. Warning: you may die of the cute.

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