24/02/2012 07:41 GMT | Updated 24/02/2012 07:42 GMT

Did Zac Efron Really Drop A Condom On The Red Carpet? (VIDEO)

There are entirely inconsequential celebrity news stories, then there's this: a video of High School Musical mega-hunk Zac Efron supposedly dropping a condom onto the red carpet when he was at the The Lorax premiere.

Of course, no-one has actual proof it was condom, but that hasn't stopped every Efron fan and his dog from presuming that it was actually a packaged prophylactic fluttering to the floor as he took his hand out of his pocket.

Sure, he didn't do himself any favours by looking so embarrassed about it - especially when he's got a pair of sunnies on that are so embarrassing that everything else should pale in comparison.

So in an entirely frivolous and utterly silly way, we'd like to hear your suggestions as to what he might have actually dropped. Here's a poll full of suggestions, and after that a comment box with your name on it, to give us your own original ideas. The sillier the better, really. So what are you waiting for? Go go go!