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Mum Spends £20,000 A Year On Presents For Her Nine-Year-Old Daughter

Millee Sarton's mum Nicky spends £20,000 a year on presents for her

This is the mum who spends a whopping £20,000 a year on her daughter. Milllee Sarton wants for nothing - as her mum Nicky spends every spare penny she and her husband Gary have on treating Millee.

This Christmas she received a huge array of goods - including a plasma TV, a DVD player, horse rugs, clothes, a blackberry phone and black leather boots. Millee is nine years old.

But Nicky insists that Millee isn't spoilt, despite her spending thousands of pounds each year.

Nicky, 42, a school governor, said: "I don't regret spending this amount of money on Milllee.
Whilst I can afford to do it, I will. I've worked hard for my money and I get the most joy from it by spending it on Millee. I don't think there is anything wrong with that."

Nicky began her spending spree on her daughter as soon as she found out she was pregnant with her.

Mum spends £20,000 a year on presents for her nine-year-old daughter

She commissioned a £1,000 Silver Cross pram, and then splashed out on a matching £200 car seat, £500 on designer baby clothes and ordered a £700 four poster cot with lace curtains.

She said: "Gary and I had always worked hard. We didn't go out very often and we didn't drink. We couldn't think of a better way to spend our money than on things for our baby."

When Millee was born, the spending continued. For her daughter's christening Nicky ordered a bespoke cream and gold lace dress and two huge limos to transport all the guests and presents.
By the time Millee was a year old, she was wearing designer baby perfume and even had her own DVD player in her pram.

After Millee was signed up by a child modelling agency at the age of eight months old, Mrs Sarton later decided to enter her daughter for a number of beauty pageants.

She said: "Everyone would always comment on how pretty Millee was, and we had four agencies wanting to sign her as a child model.


She enjoyed watching beauty contests on television, and it seemed like the next natural step. So when she was seven years old she took part in her first pageant. We had to buy her a sparkly dress and she wore makeup and false eyelashes. She looked fantastic, I was so proud of her.


Now Millee owns her own pony, with matching Katie Price pink riding outfits, a CD player, an Xbox, a Wii, a laptop and TV, a mobile phone and a puppy. And thats not including the designer clothes, toys and luxury holidays she goes on. And her trips to the hair and beauty salons every few weeks to have manicures and hair extensions put in.

Nicky said: "My parents worked hard and we didn't get what we wanted, I had a part time job at the age of 13 just to have some spare money. I don't want Millee to have that sort of lifestyle, I want her to have everything she wants and needs.

"I go to the beauty salon every few weeks and Millee comes with me. She has her nails done and her hair extensions put in. She loves doing it, and she looks so good afterwards."

Nicky works in interior designs, and her husband Gary, 50, is retired from his job as an area supermarket manager.

She said: "Gary has retired now, but we still have my wage and savings too. We may spend thousands of pounds a year on Millee, but if I haven't got the money then I don't buy it. We dont have credit cards.

"We have savings and we use those and my wage too. We don't scrimp on food, but I would prefer to buy something for Millee than spend it on myself."

Millie takes part in beauty pageants, which can cost over £3,000 a year for entry fees, travel, dresses and makeup. The family travel all over the UK to attend the events.

And she also has lavish birthday parties costing more than £2,000 a year, with bouncy castles and magicians.

Mrs Sarton, who also has a son Kai, 22, added: "She really appreciates everything we do for her. We did the same for Kai when he was growing up. We just really enjoy spending our money on our children.

"We have a shed filled with old toys and Millee is always suggesting that we sell them and donate the money to charity. She's always buying me little gifts too, like a nice keyring.

"She's a lovely little girl, with a big heart."


• Pageant entry fees £700
• Pageant dresses £2,600
• Hair highlights and conditioning treatments £960
• Make up for pageants £124
• Birthday party £2,300
• Toys including Christmas and birthday £4,000
• Holiday to Disneyland £2,000
• Perfume £200
• Body spray £120
• Horse riding lessons £3,600
• Build a Bear workshop, monthly trip £300
• Horse riding gear £800
• Back to school items £200
• Dancing lessons £250
• Designer handbag £400
• Designer tracksuit £290
• Pamper days £50
• Dog accessories £300

Total: £19,274

Mum spends £20,000 a year on presents for her nine-year-old daughter

What do you think? Mind-blowingly wasteful, especially when families are struggling, and spoiling a child? Or up to her how she chooses to spend her money?

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