Osama Bin Laden's Pakistan Hideout Is Demolished (PICTURES)

Osama Bin Laden's Pakistan Hideout Is Demolished (PICTURES)

The lair where al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden lived in secrecy before he was killed by US commandos has been razed to the ground.

The concrete compound, situated in the northwestern Pakistan town of Abbottabad, was bulldozed by authorities this weekend.

Bin Laden moved into the three-storey house in 2005 and lived there until it was stormed by Navy Seals in May 2011.

His body was dumped at sea hours later.

The house was located just half a mile from one of Pakistan’s top army training academies, which caused embarrassment for the country’s intelligence services, AP reported.

US officials say there was no evidence senior Pakistan officials were aware of bin Laden’s location.

Residents living nearby told the Independent they had thought the building would be turned into mosque, school or clinic.

Shah Mohammad said: “I think they should build a mosque. If you build a school there, people will just associate it with bin Laden.”

A source had told the paper demolition was on the cards ahead of the event, adding: “There is an issue, in our culture, of such places becoming shrines.”


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