27/02/2012 15:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Oscars 2012: Why George Clooney Should Have Worn That Gold Dress Instead Of Stacy

A quick spot of Oscars 2012 theorising while we wait for the clock to tick over to 'teatime'...

We think George Clooney should have worn that golden Marchesa dress instead of Stacy Keibler.


Meryl Streep wore a golden gown and bagged herself her third gold statue at the 2012 Oscars. She also wore a golden gown when she won her second Oscar in 1982 for her role in Sophie's Choice. Gorgeous George dressed his Oscar Date Barbie in a lovely Marchesa golden gown and... lost.

It seems that being in the vicinity of a golden gown is simply not enough to win yourself that Academy Award - you must don it yourself and then sashay your way down that carpet, stopping to chat to Ryan Seacrest along the way.

Oscars 2012: Our theory involving George Clooney in a gold dress Photos: Fotos International/PA

Therefore, don't be surprised if the next time George gets an Oscar nod he spends most of the pre-Oscar afternoon wiggling his way into three pairs of Spanx and sending an assistant out for extra double-sided tape.