28/02/2012 11:55 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Alex Reid: I Will Drink Chantelle's Breast Milk

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton PA

When asked whether she was planning to breastfeed her baby, mum-to-be Chantelle Houghton had no chance to answer before her partner Alex Reid, 36, made a decidedly icky revelation to New! magazine this week.

The cage fighter dad-to-be - and ex-husband of Katie Price - jumped in to say: "I definitely will! 100 per cent. Breast milk has a lot of colostrum in it, which is great for athletes."

As Chantelle, 28, told him the milk 'wasn't for him' in the cringe-worthy interview, Alex reportedly insisted: "I'm going to try it."


The couple also revealed that pregnancy has done nothing to dampen their passion, with Chantelle saying her baby-bump had merely stopped them from going 'mental' in the bedroom: "Obviously, you can't go mental. That's the only bit that has changed! It's a bit... nicer. I'm going to keep on going [through this pregnancy]. You've got to keep your man happy. If not he will go somewhere else!"

Alex also reckoned his girlfriend would be back in shape and 'in some sexy underwear' by his birthday in July...

The couple's baby girl is due in June!

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