Intimate Morning Rituals: Heikki Leis 'Everyday Reflections'

Wake Up Calls

It was the Everyday Reflections series that first drew us to talented Estonian artist Heikki Leis.

Drawn with pencil and ink, each intricate piece shows a different individual peering into a mirror awkwardly carrying out morning rituals.

The images are surprisingly intimate, whether the person looking back at you is shaving, squeezing spots or washing their face, you can’t help but feel intrusive.

These detailed drawings of the everyday are what defines the artist’s work, which is for sale on his website and displayed in the slideshow below.

“The main subject of my drawings are people. I try to depict them as real as they are with all their wrinkles, hair and forms, without any embellishments or glorification.

That is why I like to draw older people since their faces have been marked by a lifetime of stories.

I also find people's hands to be very characteristic and expressive and they are heavily featured in my drawings,” he told HuffPost Culture.

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