29/02/2012 06:45 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hot Or Not: Rihanna Hits London In Shredded Top And Leather Visor

Rihanna's been spending some quality time in London of late, celebrating her 24th birthday, taking in a London Fashion Week dinner, not forgetting that Brit Awards appearance - and look! She's still here...

Rihanna in London Street style: Rihanna arriving at a recording studio in London yesterday.

The singer was snapped arriving at a recording studio in the capital yesterday, wearing baggy jeans, high-top trainers and a shredded jumper (is that a Union Jack print? Very pro-Brit, we like it.) Plus staple sunglasses, a fierce red lip and stripper-esque leather visor.

It's an interesting ensemble: and on anyone else we'd suggest they were having some form of personal identity crisis. But on Rihanna? Normal.

See? It's not all play and no work: looks like Ri was kept busy over the weekend too, tweeting this picture of herself from a shoot for Esquire magazine. (Apologies for the blurry pic, it's not the first time we've wished she had a better camera phone.)

Rihanna during her photo shoot for Esquire magazine Cover girl: Rihanna during her photo shoot for Esquire magazine over the weekend. Photo:Rihanna/Twitter

Well that solves the mystery of where she found that leather visor, then...

We're enjoying Rihanna's little London trip (she's also filmed an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, FYI) and rumour has it, she's recording a duet with Cheryl Cole while she's here. What do y'all make of that then? (Rihanna says y'all. It's something new we're trying.)

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