29/02/2012 08:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Johnny Depp: Wilfully Dreadful Or Just Ploughing His Own Furrow?

Johnny Depp stepped out in New York on Tuesday wearing some haphazard selection of clothes which caused us to instantly recoil from our image provider's screen.

Johnny Depp: Wilfully dreadful or just ploughing his own furrow? Photo: Rex

We were trying to be considerate of the fact that he's clearly off-duty and not on any kind of red carpet but then again, this isn't an outfit that blends into the background - it's one that demands attention while shouting "wilfully unattractive".

We're trying to decide on the worst part. Is it the hat? The sunglasses? The scarf? The second scarf? The tee shirt? The jacket? The jewellery? The striped trousers?

Ah, looks like we have a winner. It's the trousers. Definitely the trousers. And possibly the hair tufts.

We like to think that the people to the right aren't actually autograph hunters but concerned citizens who are handing Johnny an annotated portfolio of his better looks.

What say you? Wilful? Still lovely? Causing you physical pain?