29/02/2012 10:47 GMT | Updated 29/02/2012 10:56 GMT

Topless Artist Holly Van Voast, In Court Again After Stripping In New York's St Patrick's Cathedral (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Activist Holly Van Voast was hauled back in court yesterday for her latest stunt – going topless in St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York.

After facing the judge fully dressed, Van Voast was dismissed thanks to a 1992 state appellate court ruling which states women are allowed to go topless in public.

The 46-year-old then exited the court and promptly exposed her breasts to the waiting media.

The photographer and performance artist has so far displayed her wares at Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty and on the Staten Island Ferry.

Having filmed her latest stunt, Von Voast informed the New York Daily News: “I want to have a reality show. Nothing works like t***.”

Sporting a mop of unruly blonde hair, a drawn on moustache and frequently bare breasts, Van Voast often performs under her transgender alter-ego Harvey Van Toast.

Harvey, Van Voast claims, was conceived to draw attention to the need to protect art and to entertain the public.

She told DNAinfo: "This is what New York is begging for right now — something kind of funny, a little outrageous. Something that blows your mind.”

In this video, Van Voast's alter-ego, Harvey, visits the Staten Island Ferry and the Empire State Building (video contains nudity, obviously):