29/02/2012 11:15 GMT | Updated 29/02/2012 11:46 GMT

English Villages Temporarily Renamed 'Ashton Kutcher' In Honour Of The 'Two And A Half Men' Star (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Ashton Hayes in Cheshire, Ashton under Hill in Worcestershire, Ashton Keynes in Wiltshire - what do these villages all have in common?

Sure, they all have the word "Ashton" in their names, but over the two days they've also (temporarily) had exactly the same name: Ashton Kutcher.

Road signs were changed, pub names were replaced and even beer was rebranded, with 3.9% 'Ashton Kutcher Ale' being served in the 'Ashton Kutcher Arms'.

Of course, it's all a press stunt from the guys behind Two And A Half Men - Comedy Central UK - to drum up interest in the new season, but as press stunts go, it's hard not to be impressed at the attention to detail.

Needless to say, there's a website all about the 'Ashton Addiction' they're trying to promote, and if you fancy checking it out, you can do so here.

And for photos that prove that all this happened - as well as the video above - here's a handy photo gallery, just for you.