02/03/2012 12:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Male Perspective: Oscars Red Carpet Dresses

Last month, when we asked three of our favourite most helpful male colleagues to offer up their opinions on some of London Fashion Week's more 'out-there' designs, we loved their always acerbic, often hilarious and occasionally, surprisingly intuitive, responses.

And so, apparently, did you.

So what better excuse to assemble our willing panel of Average Joes again, than to get them to provide some not-so-expert commentary on this year's Oscars frocks?

In today's panel we have:

Matt Tucker: Huffington Post UK and AOL UK Deputy Picture Editor, and Woolly Jumper Wearer.
John Johnston: AOL UK's resident Video Producer, aka Gok Won't.
Ash Percival: Huffington Post UK Celebrity Editorial Assistant: chunky of knit, skinny of jean

(We really need to get head shots of these boys taken.)

Prepare to enter the mysterious world of the male mind...

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