03/03/2012 10:08 GMT | Updated 03/03/2012 10:17 GMT

London Riots Trial: Seba Electronics Owner Donating Recovered Goods To Poor

The owner of an electronics shop, which was looted during last summer’s London riots, is donating recovered goods to the poor.

Seba Electronics in West London lost more than £200,000 worth of products during the riots, which blighted the capital before spreading to Manchester and elsewhere in the UK.

Since the theft, the Met Police have recovered some of the products stolen during the raid, however owner Bridj Sehgal, 80, said he would be donating them to the needy.

"We are back to normal and the people who did this have suffered the most,” Sehgal said on Friday.

Santos St John, 30, and Clive Owori, 24 admitted they carried out the theft after being caught on CCTV stealing from the shop but were both spared prison at Wood Green Crown Court. Both were given suspended sentences.

Still, Sehgal remained stoic: "I don't have any suffering - I don't feel any tension and that's because I am a very relaxed person.”

The pair were due to stand trial for burglary but the trial was called off when they admitted to the crime.

They were sentenced to 200 hours community work and given driving bans.

"This is a quite poignant case of the owner sitting across the road watching his store being cleared out," said the Alison Wilkes, prosecuting.

However, Owori's barrister, Scott Brady, said his client acted in a "moment of madness".

On Friday, John Kafunda and Reece Donovan were found guilty of robbing Malaysian student Ashraf Rossli.