Chupacabra, 'Dog-Headed Pig Monster' Stalks Namibian Villagers


Villagers in northern Namibia are reportedly being terrorised by a hideous “pig-dog hybrid”.

The creature has been attacking goats, dogs and other domestic animals, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, as there are is little foliage or shrubbery for it to hide in.

Regional Councillor Andreas Mundjindi told Informante newspaper: "This is an alien animal that the people have not seen before. We don't have a forest here, only bushes. So, this must be black magic at play."

One theory among the locals is that the pig-dog is the pet of a rural man accused of being a warlock. Meanwhile Mother Nature Network says it’s more likely to be a warthog or a sickly canine.

Comparisons are already being made to the legendary vampire beast el chupacabra, a blood-sucker said to live in Mexico, Puerto Rico and in the US.

The animals, described as being a cross between a dog and wolf, reportedly kill and drain the blood out of livestock.

It’s not the first time a monster has been spotted in the region, in 2009 nearly two dozen goats were found drained of blood. While no one saw the culprit, footprints were discovered, which mysteriously stopped in an open field.

Police spokeswoman Christina Fonsech told New Era that police tried to follow the creature's tracks, which were doglike, though bigger.

"We followed them but they walked until a spot where they just vanished.

"It’s difficult to explain what happened to those footprints because they looked as if they climbed onto something but it was in an open space, so we don’t know what happened."

Another beast said to prowl the African continent is the Mokele-mbembe, an ancestor of the dinosaur and apparently similar in appearance to the Loch Ness Monster.

Most frequently spotted in the Congo, sightings of the animal have been reported as far back as 1776.

Check out footage of the supposed Mokele-mbembe, which aired in a BBC documentary, below.


Photo by Flickr user Jonik Cacofonix.

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