05/03/2012 18:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Stacey Solomon Caught Smoking

Pregnant Stacey Solomon  PA

We all love Stacey Solomon for her down-to-earth personality and for being such a fab and fun mummy to three-year-old Zachary, so we were a BIT shocked to see pics of her puffing on a ciggie at seven-months-pregnant...

Stacey - who is the current Foxy Bingo celeb mum of the year - was pictured having sneaky fag break in an alleyway close to a photographic studio in south west London. The Sunday People reports the X-Factor runner-up dragged her way through FOUR ciggies in just two hours.

The face-of-Iceland mum, who is having her new baby with 24-year-old fiancé Aaron Barnham, said she was 'hugely embarrassed' but told the paper her docs had given her the go-ahead to continue smoking - telling her it would be MORE stressful on her pregnant body if she stopped.

The 22-year-old said: "I know it doesn't look good but I only have a few cigs a day. I don't think I've let down my fans, but I do get a little stressed at times and a ciggie helps me calm down."

Admitting to lighting up six times a day, she said that she 'desperately' wanted to stop ­smoking and that she did not want to 'set a bad example'.

"It's a tough habit to break but I'm going to give it my best shot," she added.

Health campaigners claim smoking causes around 2,200 premature births and 5,000 miscarriages each year. Deborah Arnott, chief executive of campaigning charity Action on Smoking and Health, told the People: "She is to be pitied as she's obviously heavily addicted. She needs help not condemnation."

Stacey told another magazine just last week that she was finding pregnancy 'tiring and emotional' and that the 'novelty' of it soon wears off.

Oh dear - poor Stacey does sound VERY stressed with this pregnancy - but let's hope she manages to cut down or quit the ciggies very soon.

You can find out what happened next to Stacey here.

What do you think? Did you smoke through your pregnancies? Or did you struggle to quit?