Top TV For The Week Ahead: David Walliams Sport Relief, Whitechapel, Horizon, White Heat, Gok Wan

Here are our TV picks of the week, including lots of interesting documentaries...


Whitechapel - 9pm, ITV1

ITV's gritty cop drama is coming to season's end, but Monday's finale sees DI Chandler and his faithful sidekick DS Miles with one last serial killer to rumble before the series is out - this time it's the Bogeyman.

Keith Allen Meets Nick Griffin - 11.05pm, Channel 4

Nick Griffin's not a man many would like to meet, but Keith Allen, with his well-documented anti-fascist views, felt he had a duty to discover what was behind all the headlines.

"Yet the BNP actually almost trebled its vote, from 192,746 in 2005 to 563,743 in 2010. Why were the media insisting that the BNP had been annihilated, rather than focusing on the disturbing fact that well over half a million people had voted for them?"

The documentary, which sees Allen travel to Brussels to see Griffin in action at the European Parliament, was "completed a few months ago" but only after a "tourette-like outburst" from its producer to Channel 4 execs has it finally made it onto screen.


Horizon - 9pm, BBC2

Scientists predict this year will see a fit of violent activity on the Sun, propelling billions of tonnes of superheated gas and pulses of energy towards Earth. Sounds scary. This documentary helps to put things into context by talking to the weathermen as they try to predict what's coming and the footage of the Sun’s churning plasma is quite something.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings - 9pm, Channel 4

There's something of a Romeo and Juliet feel to this week's Gypsy Weddings as the controversial show meets travellers who have found romance outside their own community. Cage Fighter Tony's family aren't happy he's having a baby with a glamour model, plus a couple from the first series pop back onto the scene.


Gok Wan: Made In China - 8pm, Channel 4

He's swapped his needles for chopsticks and made the move from How To Look Good Naked to to How Things Are Made In China. In this show, the stylist travels to his ancestral home, where he finds out how the country is able to produce goods in the vast quantities the West has come to rely on.

Granny's Moving In: A Wonderland Film - 9pm, BBC2

It's a situation that increasing numbers of people are finding themselves in, as purse strings tighten and family members live longer than ever before. This poignant documentary showcases one couple who have moved "granny" in in order to take care of her. The final scene, as fun-loving 83-year-old Peggy is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, is heartbreakingly sad.


White Heat - 9pm, BBC2

This new drama, starring a showcase of British talent including Juliet Stevenson, Claire Foy, Lindsay Duncan and Tamsin Greig, charts the lives of seven friends from their days as students in the 1960s through to the present day. How their lives have changed...

David Walliams’ Big Swim - 9pm, BBC1

Remember when David Walliams swam the length of the Thames and contracted a bacterial infection, saved a dog from drowning and caught hypothermia? That was last September and all in aid of Sport Relief, for which he's raised a hefty £1million. With just a couple of weeks to go until Sport Relief 2012, this documentary looks back at the comedian's incredible feat.


The Secret Policeman’s Ball - 10pm, Channel 4

The charity comedy event has hopped The Pond for the first time, but that doesn't mean it'll be any less funny. British and American comedians including Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Ben Stiller and David Walliams all came together at the event held on Sunday, while music acts Coldplay and Mumford & Sons performed at the first Secret Policeman's Ball to be held in the U.S.

Room 101 - 8.30pm, BBC1

It's the last chance in the series for celebrities and media personalities to banish their pet hates forever. This week former deputy prime minister John Prescott, actress Rebecca Front and comedian Micky Flanagan join host Frank Skinner.