06/03/2012 06:13 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Single Woman Of 66 Gives Birth To Twin Boys After IVF Treatment


A single woman of 66 has given birth to twins after undergoing IVF with donor eggs.

The unnamed Swiss woman, a retired pastor, had the treatment in the Ukraine and delivered her sons, Joshua and Michael, by Caesarean section two weeks ago. She and her babies are still in hospital under observation in Chur.

The mother - who will be 84 when her boys turn 18 - is quoted in the newspaper SonntagsBlick as saying: "It's incredible what medicine can do nowadays. I want to enjoy this event now in peace."

The fact the woman was able to have IVF treatment has caused outrage among some campaigners. One writer in Swiss newspaper Le Matin accused her of "selfishness" and "irresponsibility" and claimed the boys would their spend teens ensuring their mother had a place in an old people's home.

Josephine Quintavalle from Comment on Reproductive Ethics told The Sun that we 'had to learn to say no to these women'. She claimed that a 66 year old having a baby 'distorts nature' and that we have created a sense that 'everybody has a right to have a child, no matter what age.'

"No one should consider IVF after they have passed the natural menopause," Josephine added.

The mother, who lives in Gruesch, Switzerland, where it is ILLEGAL to have a donor egg implanted, also faced condemnation from one of her neighbours who branded her 'selfish', telling reporters: "It's pure selfishness and not good for the children."

Lorenz Casutt-Peng, the woman's local deputy mayor, however was supportive, saying: "Children are our future and it's a good thing that the children and their mother are doing well."

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