06/03/2012 05:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victoria Beckham Covers Madame Figaro - But What's The Deal With Her Hand?

Victoria Beckham is kind of like a bus. You don't see her for ages and then suddenly she is EVERYWHERE. And look, she's here, on the cover of French fashion mag Madame Figaro.

Full marks for the Prada onesy - but we do have a pressing question for VB. Why on earth is your hand on your forehead in these photos?

To our minds, the most likely reasons are:
1. She has forgotten where she left her car keys.
2. She has a headache.
3. She has a particularly aggressive zit that she wishes to hide from prying eyes.
4. She had an unfortunate accident involving superglue just before the photo shoot, and ever the professional, decided to go through with the shoot before dashing to A&E.

Queen Victoria covers Madame Figaro Photo: Madame Figaro

But enough of our musings - what do you think?