07/03/2012 02:54 GMT

Desperate Housewives Lawsuit: Nicollette Sheridan Struggling To Find Work

Actress Nicollette Sheridan has struggled to find work since she was fired from Desperate Housewives in 2009, according to her attorney.

Entertainment lawyer Neil Meyer took the stand in Sheridan's £3.75m wrongful dismissal trial on Tuesday and revealed his client hasn't been offered suitable roles since she was axed from the show amid a dispute with producers and series creator Marc Cherry.

Sheridan and her legal team maintain she was fired because she complained to ABC TV executives about Cherry's behaviour on set.

She claims the writer/producer struck her after she requested a rewrite for one of her scenes.

In court on Monday, Cherry confessed he had hit Sheridan on the head while demonstrating a scene on set.

The series creator revealed he had felt awful about the incident ever since - and apologised to the actress when she was still a Desperate Housewives cast member.