Kim Kardashian Displays Bald Patch At Paris Fashion Week

Is Kim K Going Bald?

It looks like all those years of wearing hair extensions have finally taken their toll on Kim Kardashian's mane.

The reality TV star was seen arriving in Paris with the beginnings of what looked like a bald patch.

Kim - who is known to pride herself on having a well coiffed bonce - displayed her thinning hair on the side of her head surrounding where her parting is.

It's not uncommon for extension loving celebs to suffer with thinning locks - both Posh and Katie Price have been seen in the past with bald patches - which are caused by the extra tension extensions place on the hair.

But after a quick wash and blow-dry, Kim was back to her usual uber-glam self for one of the Paris Week Fashion shows just hours later.

All eyes were on KK's outfit though instead of her hair, as she wrapped up in a LOT of fur, and sported a pair of very bizarre leg warmer heels.

They were designed by her pal Kanye West for Guiseppe Zanotti, and are made of calf leather and embroidered pearls and cost around $6,000.

And Kim just couldn't resist showing off about them on Twitter either, writing: "I j'adore my shoes tonight!" she wrote.

Each to their own.



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