Pippa Middleton Speaks For The First Time On Camera As She Competes In Ski Challenge (VIDEO)

Is there no end to Pippa Middleton's talents? Not only is she v. pretty and the owner of the world's most admired derriere but she also, wait for it... speaks! Like proper words and fully formed sentences and everything. Who knew?

There we were beginning to think that the Duchess of Cambridge's little sis had Kate Moss syndrome: often seen but never heard. In Kate's case it's probably for the best (you can take the girl out of Croydon and all that) but when you're practically royalty that just won't do.

Ok, so she didn't exactly have a lot to say for herself when she was cornered by a news crew as she competed in a 90km cross-country charity ski in Sweden ('pulling ones teeth' springs to mind), but considering she was obviously knackered I think she managed to remain rather composed. And let's face it, not even Kate Moss can rock ski wear quite like Pip.