Uggie The Dog, Canine Star Of 'The Artist', Becomes Nintendo's 'Spokesdog', Meets Mario (VIDEO)

Just after the Golden Globes this year, Uggie the dog retired from feature films - but that doesn't mean he can't do a bit of advertising work on the side, now does it?

The canine star of The Artist is now appearing as the "spokesdog" for Nintendo, spreading the good word of Mario and co. in exchange for a few dog treats - and, presumably, money for his owners.

In his first advert - which you can check out above - Uggie sports a natty tie as he heads into work at Nintendo HQ. He also plays a bit of NIntendogs + Cats, which makes us wonder how much actual work this admittedly lovable mutt will get up to on a nine-to-five basis.

Anyway, putting dog-based work ethics to one side for the moment, the video itself is just about as bonkers as you'd expect from the company that brought us Donkey Kong Junior. Expect men dressed as giant Italian plumbers, dog puns and kiddy-friendly music. At the very least.

And to see Uggie do some proper tricks, including skateboards and everything, take a look at his recent appearance on Ellen over in the US. It's a adorabrilliant.