08/03/2012 13:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Mother Offered £2,000 To Abort Baby With Down's Syndrome

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A mother has told how her former lover offered her £2,000 to abort their baby after he found out the child could have Down's Syndrome.

Lisa Mackin, 28, told The Sun that she turned down the cash and was angry and disgusted that it had been offered. She is now the proud mum of Tommy, two.

She said she told the baby's dad - who has not been named - 'I'm not going to abort my baby and take two grand off you - it's not going to happen'.

Lisa says the man called her the evening she found out her baby could have Down's, and when he made the offer she had 'never felt so much anger'. She says she was 'screaming and shouting' and was so shocked that she has never spoken to the child's father since.

She said she was delighted when she found out she was expecting in 2009, and that the dad was also excited - until she had her 12-week scan and was told that further tests were needed. Lisa was informed there was a one-in-13 chance of the baby being born with Down's Syndrome. Eventually, another test confirmed the genetic condition.

Lisa, who also has three daughters, says Tommy's condition has made 'no difference' and that it is 'incredible to see him get to the milestones in his life.'

She says that his dad has never seen him, but that she would not stop access if he wanted it: "The door's open if he wants to play a part in Tommy's life."

The dad told The Sun he regrets his reaction to the news about Tommy's condition. He said:
"I didn't think I'd be able to cope. We were discussing abortion and I said, 'I'll give you £2,000. You can take the girls on holiday, it'll help you get over it'. It was never meant to be, 'I'll give you two grand to kill that baby'. I feel really bad."

HOW shocking!

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