08/03/2012 08:38 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Three-Year-Old Scales Spiked Security Fence And Escapes From Nursery

Three year old Ashton Addison scaled spiked security fence and escaped from nursery Cascade

A three-year-old boy scaled a 7ft SPIKED FENCE and escaped from his nursery school in Inverness.

Ashton Addison made his bid for freedom after being left alone to go to the loo. He ran out of the school and climbed the fence, eventually making his way onto a housing estate where he was found by a passer-by and returned to his teachers - who had not noticed he was missing.

His mum, Lisa Mackenzie, 23, only found out about her son's adventures when she went to pick him up from school at 2.45 - and was not happy that she had not been informed immediately.

Lisa said she was 'so grateful' that Ashton was OK, and 'relieved' that a caring person had found him and returned him to school, but was very 'disappointed' and 'devastated' that his teachers had not made her aware of the situation straight away.

She thinks staff may had failed to spot he was missing because a new child had joined the class but had not been added to the register: "The teachers counted 18 heads and thought all the children had been accounted for. But that was wrong, there were actually 19."

A spokeswoman for Highland Council said the incident would be reported to the Care Commission, which regulated nurseries. She said the headteacher was also carrying out a thorough investigation and that the school had taken immediate action to ensure additional safeguards were in place.

Little Ashton suffered only a minor scratch to his hand after his fence climbing exploits.

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Have any of your children ever tried to escape school or nursery?