09/03/2012 06:08 GMT

Titanic 3D: Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Reunited In Remastered Stills (PHOTOS)

Remastered stills from Titanic have been released, giving us another nostalgic look at James Cameron's 1997 epic ahead of the film's April re-release in 3D.

Cameron and his team have spent hundreds of hours turning the box office phenomenon, and winner of 14 Academy Awards, into a 3D film and at least one half of the film's starring ill-fated couple is happy with the outcome.

Kate Winslet, Oscar-nominated for her role of Rose, last month called the 3D version of Titanic "extraordinary".

She told USA Today she'd already seen a few minutes and was very excited that a new generation would be able to experience the film and her kids, Mia, 11, and Joe, eight, would be able to watch it with her for the first time.

However, she added:"I'm sure I wasn't really a very good actress. Seriously, we are talking about something that happened 15 years ago. It is a very long time ago.

"I've learned so much, and I've changed as a person so much since then. It is really quite weird. Can you imagine anything stranger? It's going to be like being famous all over again, Titanic all over again!"

There may well be new eyeballs on this film when it's re-released, including people who who were too young to see it the first time as well as those who, bizarrely, have managed to miss its frequent TV replays.

There will also be people who have already seen it dozens of times in the past, but nonetheless wish to return for another fix of their favourite fateful love story.

Just as fans returned to the cinema for Disney's recent 3D conversion of The Lion King, distributors Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox are hoping that Titanic 3D will have the same nostalgic pull. After all, they've spent a cool $18 million converting the film, but it's all relative - Titanic has taken an estimated $1.8 billion since its 1997 release.

The film will be released in 3D, Digital 2D and IMAX on April 6th, will you head to the cinema to see it?

SLIDESHOW: See a selection of stills from James Cameron’s newly re-mastered Titanic