12/03/2012 13:41 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Charlie Bit My Finger Baby Set For More Fame With Finger Chomping App And Book Deal

Charlie Bit My Finger video stars YouTube

A little boy is set to become an app-based star after his cheeky finger-biting antics netted him an agent!

Charlie Davies-Carr - who is now six - first came to the attention of web users when a video of him called Charlie Bit My Finger vent viral. The hilarious film showed him munching on his older brother's fingers and now, an app has been developed which allows users to upload images of their own digits for Charlie to bite!

The little boy's family have reportedly already made almost £100,000 after appearing in adverts and on chat shows after the video - which was originally filmed just for the tot's godfather - became an internet sensation.

The Sun
also reports they have been able to send their three kids to private school from earnings from their videos - something they would have struggled to pay for otherwise.

Web agent Damien Collier, 35, who runs the agency Viral Spiral is also hoping to negotiate a book deal for Charlie, and even an animated TV series!

Check out the original video here:

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