12/03/2012 09:26 GMT | Updated 11/07/2012 10:19 BST

Coronation Street: Tyrone Dobbs To Be Abused By Girlfriend (SPOILER)

Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs is set to become embroiled in a shocking new domestic abuse storyline.

The loveable mechanic - played by Alan Halsall - is engaged to demanding policewoman Kirsty Soames, and The Sun reports she is set to begin psychologically abusing Tyrone, culminating in a vicious, violent attack.

It is understood that Corrie producers have been working with domestic violence charities to ensure the controversial storyline is handled correctly.

Viewers will see bossy copper Kirsty - played by 27-year-old Natalie Gumede - bullying eager-to-please Tyrone and isolating him from his friends before she finally loses her temper and beats him up.

A soap insider told The Sun: "This is not a decision we have taken lightly. Female on male domestic abuse is a sensitive area.

"Kirsty will be seen attacking Tyrone and the fallout will be how she feels terrible about it and attempts to show some remorse."