Jennifer Lopez Hires Male Stunt Double For New Video

Jennifer Lopez Is A Man (Kinda)

Blimey J-Lo's let herself go hasn't she? Look at the state of that hair. And nose. And manly jawline.

I jest of course. It's actually Jen's male stunt double who has been doing all the dangerous stuff on the video shoot for the singer's forthcoming single Follow The Leader. Well, those nails of hers cost a fortune to insure after all.

The American Idol host headed to Mexico to film the vid and instead of hiring a female lookeylikey, J-Lo opted for a male stunt double who was J-Lo'd up to the hilt - complete with fake boobs and braided hair. And doesn't he look gorrrrrgeous?

Between takes, a clearly loved-up Jennifer hung out with her toyboy lover Casper Smart - who was also on hand as official doughnut feeder.

We know she's got a rep for being a bit of a diva, but seriously, does this woman not do anything for herself?



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