14/03/2012 06:09 GMT | Updated 14/03/2012 08:16 GMT

Julianne Moore Vs. Sarah Palin: Footage From HBO's 'Game Change' Cut Together With The Real Deal (VIDEO)

Julianne Moore was already a much-loved and highly respected actress before her turn as Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change TV movie, but her embodiment of the divisive politician on screen has been winning her even more plaudits.

It's such a mesmerising performance that one clever YouTuber has patched together some of Moore's most impressive scenes in the film with the real-life moments they mimic.

The resulting video (above) makes for astonishing viewing, helping you realise just how the Big Lebowski star nails the world's most famous hockey mom's every inflection.

On top of all this, this Palin video collage reminds us of just how blunderful the real 'Grizzly Mama' actually was during the 2008 presidential elections. Hint: it's pretty damn blunderful.

So to honour her for all her fine work in the on-air failing department, here's a little YouTube gallery of Palin failin'. Enjoy!